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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: 3.6 L models

3.6 L models

1) Clips

  1. Unsnap the two clips holding the air cleaner case (rear).

3.6 L models

  1. Open the air cleaner case and remove the air cleaner element.
CAUTION If the inside of the air cleaner case is extremely soiled (for example, by sand), contact a SUBARU dealer and have the air cleaner case cleaned.
  1. If you find large foreign objects such as leaves inside the air cleaner case, remove the foreign objects.

3.6 L models

  1. Install a new air cleaner element in the way the longitudinal side and the transverse side face as shown in the illustration.

3.6 L models

  1. To install the air cleaner case (rear), insert the three projections on the air cleaner case (rear) into the slits on the air cleaner case (front).
  2.  Install the removed parts in the reverse order of removal.
2.5 L models
1) Clip  Unsnap the two clips holding the air cleaner case (rear). Open the air cleaner case. Remove the air cleaner element CAUTION If the inside of th ...

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