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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: 49

Automatic transmission malfunction is detected.

Automatic transmission malfunction is detected during cruise driving or cruise control setting.

Basic Diagnostic Procedure > PROCEDURE

Diagnostic procedure with cancel code

When CRUISE switch is pressed, or a malfunction related to CRUISE switch occurs, this is detected.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:• Cruise control cannot be set. (Cancelled immediately.)• Cruise control c ...

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1. TRANSMISSION CASE(1)Air breather hose(7)Harness clip (2)Clamp(8)Transmission radio ground cordTightening torque: N·m (kgf-m, ft-lb)(3)Hose clamp(9)GasketT1:18 (1.8, 13.3)(4)Harness bracket(10)Drain plugT2:44 (4.5, 32.5) (aluminum gasket, silver)(5)Air breather hose bracket(11)Transmission ...

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