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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Active lane keep system code(s) display

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Eyesight (diagnostics) / Active lane keep system code(s) display

• List of ACC cancel code(s)ACC cancel codeItemContents of diagnosis02ACC Mode:Maintaining Standstill PositionDisplayed when the cruise control is cancelled after the own vehicle stops following ...

Lane Departure Prevention Deactivate Code(s) Display: The lane departure prevention deactivate code is output, when the lane keep (lane departure prevention) is canceled during the operation or the st ...

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1. Install the thrust bearing.NOTE:Make sure to install in the right direction.2. Install the transfer clutch assembly.3. Select the transfer driven gear shim. Transfer Clutch > ADJUSTMENT4. Attach the selected transfer driven gear shim to extension case with vaseline.5. Remove the transfer clutch ...

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