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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Adjustment

1. Measure clearance “A” between snap ring and transmission case.


0.05 — 0.25 mm (0.002 — 0.01 in)

2. If clearance “A” is out of standard, select the snap ring within standard.

Snap ring

Part No.

Thickness mm (in)


2.0 (0.079)


2.1 (0.083)


2.2 (0.087)


2.3 (0.091)


2.4 (0.094)

1. Remove the transmission from the vehicle. Automatic Transmission Assembly > REMOVAL2. Remove the extension case. Extension Case > REMOVAL3. Remove the rear drive shaft. Rear Drive Shaft > REMOVA ...

1. Install the straight pin to reduction driven gear assembly.2. Fit the straight pin portion to the recess portion of transmission case and install the reduction driven gear and install the snap ring ...

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