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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Adverse safety consequences of overloading on handling and stopping and on tires

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Consumer information and Reporting safety defects / Tire information / Adverse safety consequences of overloading on handling and stopping and on tires

Overloading could affect vehicle handling, stopping distance, vehicle and tire as shown in the following.

This could lead to an accident and possibly result in severe personal injury.

  •  Vehicle stability will deteriorate.
  •  Heavy and/or high-mounted loads could increase the risk of rollover.
  •  Stopping distance will increase.
  •  Brakes could overheat and fail.
  •  Suspension, bearings, axles and other parts of the body could break or experience accelerated wear that will shorten vehicle life.
  •  Tires could fail.
  •  Tread separation could occur.
  • Tire could separate from its rim.
Determining compatibility of tire and vehicle load capacities
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Steps for Determining Correct Load Limit
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