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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Air filtration system (if equipped).

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Climate control / Air filtration system (if equipped).

Your vehicle's air conditioning system is equipped with an air filtration system.

Replace the air filter element according to the replacement schedule shown in the following table. This schedule should be followed to maintain the filter's dust collection ability. Under extremely dusty conditions, the filter should be replaced more frequently. Have your filter checked or replaced by your SUBARU dealer. For replacement, use only a genuine SUBARU air filter kit. For the replacement schedule, refer to the "Warranty and Maintenance Booklet".

CAUTION Contact your SUBARU dealer if the following occurs, even if it is not yet time to change the filter.
  •  Reduction of the airflow through the vents.
  •  Windshield gets easily fogged or misted.

NOTE The filter can influence the air conditioning, heating and defroster performance if not properly maintained.

Replacing an air filter

  1.  Remove the glove box.

(1) Open the glove box.

Replacing an air filter

(2) Remove the damper shaft from the glove box.

Replacing an air filter

(3) Push both sides of the glove box inward to unlock the stoppers and then pull down the glove box as far as it will go.

Replacing an air filter

(4) Pull out the glove box horizontally and remove the hinge portion. When doing this, be careful not to damage the hinge.

Replacing an air filter

  1. Remove the cover of the air filter.

Replacing an air filter

  1. Remove the air filter according to the following procedure in order to prevent dust on the air cleaner from falling to the inside of its housing.

(1) Pull the air filter approximately 3.9 inches (10 cm) first.
(2) Gently push the near side of the air filter down.
(3) Pull out the air filter.

Replacing an air filter

  1. Replace the air filter element with a new one.
  2.  Reinstall the cover of the air filter.
CAUTION The arrow mark on the filter must point UP.

Replacing an air filter

  1. Reinstall the glove box, and connect the damper shaft.
  2.  Close the glove box.
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