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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: APPS main screen

APPS main screen



1 Select to go to the Music APPS screen.
2 Select to go to the News APPS screen.
3 Select to go to the Calender APPS screen.
4 Select to go to the iHeartRadio APPS screen
5 Select to go to the Weather APPS screen.


  •  The error screen will be displayed while using SUBARU STARLINK due to one of the following possible reasons.
  •  When your smartphone has no service or the Bluetooth communication is not possible.
  •  When your smartphone is turned off.
  •  When the SUBARU STARLINK APPS is quit.
  •  When connection to the SUBARU STARLINK server is not possible.
  •  When a problem occurs other than a server error.
  •  When using the SUBARU STARLINK function, a disclaimer screen will be displayed. Be sure to fully read the contents before using the function.

    . Supported devices

  •  iPhone: iPhone 4/iPhone 4s/ iPhone 5 (iOS Ver. 5.1 or later)/ iPhone 5c/iPhone 5s
  •  Android: (OS Ver. 4.0 or later)
Connect to the audio system. Use a USB port for an iPhone or iPod touch and Bluetooth for Android devices.  For details about connecting an iPhone/iPod touch: Refer to "Connecting ...

AM/FM radio

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