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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Assembly

1. Before assembly, inspect the following items and replace any faulty part with a new one.

Visually check the lateral link assembly - rear for damage and deformation.

Visually check the bushing for abnormal cracks, fatigue or damage.

2. Using the ST, press the bushing into place.

Preparation tool:


1. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. NOTE2. Lift up the vehicle, and then remove the rear wheels.3. Remove the sensor assembly - headlight beam leveler. (Model with auto headlight b ...

CAUTION:• For parts which are not reusable, always use new parts.• Always tighten the bushing in the state where the vehicle is at curb weight and the wheels are in full contact with the g ...

Other materials:

1. SEDAN MODEL1. Install the light assembly - high-mounted.2. Install the trim panel assembly - rear shelf. Rear Shelf Trim > INSTALLATION3. Connect the ground terminal to battery sensor. NOTE2. OUTBACK MODELCAUTION:Make sure the bolt is tightened securely because improper roof spoiler installatio ...

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