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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: At shift lock control system

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Control systems / At shift lock control system

General diagnostic table inspection
SymptomsPossible causeCorrective actionAT select leverStarter does not run.Adjust the select cable and inhibitor switch, or inspect the circuit.Back-up light does not illuminate.Adjust the select cabl ...

Wiring diagram
1. MODEL WITHOUT PUSH BUTTON IGNITION SWITCH(1)Ignition switch(5)Key warning switch(9)TCM (shift range information)(2)Accessory 1 relay(6)Battery(10)Key lock solenoid(3)IG2 relay(7)Body integrated uni ...

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CAUTION:• Do not turn the power of the Subaru Select Monitor OFF during work, and do not disconnect the data link connector.• On completing the work in FWD, switch back in AWD.1. Shift the select lever to “P” range.2. Connect the Subaru Select Monitor to data link connector.3 ...

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