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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Audio system

CAUTION:After installing the center grille assembly, check that the air vent grille of the center grille assembly is inserted correctly into the air vent duct.1. Install the audio assembly.2. Install ...

Wiring diagram
1. MODEL WITH 6.2 INCH DISPLAYRefer to “Audio System” in the wiring diagram. Audio System > WIRING DIAGRAM2. MODEL WITH 7 INCH DISPLAYRefer to “Audio System” in the wiring dia ...

Other materials:

Preparation tool
1. SPECIAL TOOLILLUSTRATIONTOOL NUMBERDESCRIPTIONREMARKS — (Newly adopted tool)SUBARU SELECT MONITOR 4Used for setting of each function and troubleshooting for electrical system.NOTE:For detailed operation procedures of Subaru Select Monitor 4, refer to “Application help”.99099AJ000ENG ...

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