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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Automatic climate control system (type B)

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Climate control / Automatic climate control system (type B)


  •  Operate the automatic climate control system when the engine is running.
  •  The blower fan rotates at a low speed when the engine coolant temperature is low.
  •  For efficient defogging or dehumidifying in cold weather, press the "A/C" button.

When the automatic climate control mode is selected, the following items are automatically controlled.

  •  Outlet air temperature
  •  Fan speed
  •  Airflow distribution
  •  Air inlet control
  •  Air conditioner compressor operation

To activate this mode, perform the following procedure.

  1.  Set the preferred temperature using the temperature control button.
  2.  Press the "AUTO" button. The FULL AUTO mode is selected and the "FULL AUTO" indicator light on the display illuminates.

NOTE If you operate any of the buttons on the control panel other than the "OFF" button, rear window defogger button and temperature control buttons during FULL AUTO mode operation, the "FULL" indicator light on the control panel will turn off and the "AUTO" indicator light will remain illuminated.

You can then manually control the system as desired. To change the system back to the FULL AUTO mode, press the "AUTO" button.

To turn off the climate control system, press the "OFF" button. The air inlet selection is then automatically switched to the outside air mode.



1) Solar sensor
2) Interior air temperature sensor

The automatic climate control system employs several sensors. These sensors are delicate. If they are treated incorrectly and become damaged, the system may not be able to control the interior temperature correctly. To avoid damaging the sensors, observe the following precautions:

  •  Do not subject the sensors to impact.
  •  Keep water away from the sensors.
  •  Do not cover the sensors.

The sensors are located as follows:

  •  Solar sensor: beside the speaker grille on the dashboard
  •  Interior air temperature sensor: on the side of the driver-side part of the center panel
  •  Outside temperature sensor: behind front grille.
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