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Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Eyesight (diagnostics) / Basic diagnostic procedure procedure


Start the diagnosis after the engine has started. (Cruise control main switch does not turn on even if it is pressed before the engine starts.)

When performing diagnosis, observe the legal speed limit on the road.

ECM cancel code, ACC cancel code and lane keep assist code are not the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). These codes will also appear when the cruise control or the active lane keep is cancelled by the driver’s operation. Do not confuse them.

Be sure to get an assistant to support the diagnosis while driving, and have him/her operate the select monitor.

Be sure to record the following data before performing the Clear Memory. (Data must be obtained before inspection because the Clear Memory operation deletes previous faults and temporary stop history.)

All diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)

DTC of stereo camera (current malfunction, past malfunction)

Freeze frame data of stereo camera

ACC cancel code of stereo camera

Lane keep assist code of stereo camera

EyeSight temporary stop code of stereo camera

Current data of stereo camera

(To obtain the data concerning camera adjustment information, previous trouble or temporary stop history, all data must be measured for a few seconds after the engine has started.)

When a temporary stop occurs, stereo camera may be affected by a small amount of dirt that would not be perceived by the driver. In this case, cleaning the windshield glass is effective. General Description > INSPECTION



Using the Check List for Interview, confirm the condition of the malfunction occurrence from the user. Check List for Interview > CHECK

Is there any component that obviously seems to affect the malfunction-

Repair or replace the component that seems to affect the malfunction.

Basic Diagnostic Procedure > PROCEDURE


Read the DTC using Subaru Select Monitor.


When communication with the stereo camera could not be established, check the circuit. Subaru Select Monitor > INSPECTION

Is DTC displayed on Subaru Select Monitor-

Perform the diagnosis according to DTC and freeze frame data. Diagnostic Code(s) Display Freeze Frame Data Display If the diagnostic codes other than the stereo camera are displayed, refer to the diagnosis for the relevant codes.

Basic Diagnostic Procedure > PROCEDURE


Using the diagnostics with phenomenon, perform inspection. Diagnostics with Phenomenon

Is the vehicle free from any problem described in the diagnostics with phenomenon- / Are indicators normal-

Finish the diagnosis.

Perform the diagnosis according to the diagnostics with phenomenon.

Eyesight (diagnostics)

Check list for interview check
Inspect the following items regarding the vehicle’s state.Writer/InspectorWriter’s name Inspector’s Name Vehicle informationCar accessory equipment conditionCar accessory is installe ...

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