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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Blind spot detection rear cross traffic alert (diagnostics)

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Blind spot detection rear cross traffic alert (diagnostics)

1. COMMUNICATION FOR INITIALIZING IMPOSSIBLECommunication error with auto headlight beam leveler CMDETECTING CONDITION:• Defective harness connector• Power supply circuit malfunction• ...

Basic diagnostic procedure procedure
STEPCHECKYESNO1.PERFORM CUSTOMER INTERVIEW.Using the Check List for Interview, ask the customer the condition of how trouble occurs.Did you interview the customer- Basic Diagnostic Procedure > PROCEDU ...

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DTC DETECTING CONDITION:When the water-submersion detection circuit integrated into the keyless access CM detects the water submersion.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:• The ignition can be turned ON, but cannot be turned OFF.• Engine will not start.CAUTION:For replacement procedure of keyless access CM, ...

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