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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Brake fluid

Front differential gear oil (CVT models) and rear differential gear oil
It is not necessary to check the gear oil level. Check that there are no cracks, damage or leakage. However, the oil inspection should be performed according to the maintenance schedule in the "W ...

Checking the fluid level
WARNING  Never let brake fluid contact your eyes because brake fluid can be harmful to your eyes. If brake fluid gets in your eyes, immediately flush them thoroughly wi ...

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Dtc b1014 acc power
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:Voltage failure caused by poor contact of ACC power supply circuitACC voltage was outside the range of 8.3 — 16.7 V, when ACC power supply was ON.Time Needed for Diagnosis:40 s or moreTROUBLE SYMPTOM:DRL may not illuminate.WIRING DIAGRAM:Shift lock control system Shift Loc ...

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