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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: BT Devices Connection screen

  1. Press the HOME button.
  2.  Touch the "SETTINGS" key and then touch the tab.
  3. Touch the "BT Devices Connection" key and then select the desired device to register.

"BT Devices Connection" screen (One device is registered.)



1 Register the device. Refer to "Registering/ connecting Bluetooth device" .
2 Make the connection to the registered device
3 This shows the status of the device connection profile. (The icon illuminates while connected.)
4 Delete the registered device. Refer to "Deleting a Bluetooth device" .
5 Switch to connect/disconnect Bluetooth communication. Refer to "Bluetooth ON/OFF" .

Connecting a Bluetooth device

Up to 5 Bluetooth devices (phones and audio devices) can be registered.

If more than 1 Bluetooth device has been registered, select which device to connect to.

  1.  Display the "BT Devices Connection" screen. Refer to "BT Devices Connection screen" .
  2.  Select the device to be connected.
  •  Supported profile icons will be displayed.
  • : Phone
  •  : Audio device
  •  : Smartphone Application
  •  Supported profile icons for currently connected devices will illuminate.
  •  The audio icon illuminates only when in the Bluetooth audio mode.
  •  All icons are dimmed when Bluetooth is set to off or when the connection cannot be made with the device.


  •  It may take time if the device connection is carried out during Bluetooth audio playback.
  •  Depending on the type of Bluetooth device being connected, it may be necessary to perform additional steps on the device.
  •  It is not possible to establish a Bluetooth connection with iOS devices currently connected with a USB cable.
  •  Supported profile icons of the unselected devices are not displayed if several Bluetooth devices have been registered.

Bluetooth ON/OFF

  1.  Display the "BT Devices Connection" screen. Refer to "BT Devices Connection screen" .
  2.  Select the "ON" or "OFF" key by the right side of the "Connect with Bluetooth" key. The "ON" key establishes a connection, and the "OFF" key disconnects the connection.

NOTE The setting is fixed as the "OFF" key when no device is registered.

Deleting a Bluetooth device

  1.  Display the "BT Devices Connection" screen. Refer to "BT Devices Connection screen" .
  2.  Select the desired device.
  3.  Touch the key for the device to be deleted, and then select the "OK" key.

NOTE When deleting a Bluetooth phone, the contact data will be deleted at the same time.

Setting Bluetooth details

"In-Car-Device setting" screen
The Bluetooth settings can be confirmed and changed.  Display the "SETTINGS" screen. Refer to "Registering a Bluetooth phone for the first time" .  On the "SETTINGS" screen for "I ...

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