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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: By Dialpad

Input the phone number manually using the keypad displayed on the screen

Phone (Dialpad) screen
Phone (Dialpad) screen



1 Allow you to enter numbers from 0 to 9 and *, #, and +. To enter "+", press and hold the "0" key.
2 Delete one character from the entered characters
3 Switch the screen to the phone (menu) screen.
4 Open the "Outgoing Calls" screen and dials the entered phone number. This is the same as pressing the off hook switch on the steering wheel. This key is cross-hatched and cannot be selected until the phone number is entered.
5 Open the "Options" screen. Refer to "Phone volume settings" .
6 Open the "BT Devices Connection" screen. Refer to "Setting Bluetooth details"

When you enter a phone number on the screen and select the key, the "Outgoing Call" screen opens.

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