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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Caution



Do not use the electrical test equipment on the airbag system wiring harnesses and connector circuits.

Be careful not to damage the airbag system wiring harness.

Preparation tool
1. SPECIAL TOOLILLUSTRATIONTOOL NUMBERDESCRIPTIONREMARKS — (Newly adopted tool)SUBARU SELECT MONITOR 4Used for setting of each function and troubleshooting for electrical system.NOTE:For detailed op ...

Before performing the diagnosis, check the following items which may cause problems relating the wiper or light.1. Check the battery. Battery > INSPECTION Battery > INSPECTION2. Check the fuse condi ...

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CAUTION:• Refer to “CAUTION” of “General Description” before handling the airbag system components. General Description > CAUTION• When the front door impact sensor is removed, always replace it with a new front door impact sensor. If it is reused, sealing capabi ...

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