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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Caution

Remove contamination including dirt and corrosion before removal, installation or disassembly.

Keep the disassembled parts in order and protect them from dust and dirt.

Before removal, installation or disassembly, be sure to clarify the failure. Avoid unnecessary removal, installation, disassembly and replacement.

Use SUBARU genuine fluid, grease etc. or equivalent. Do not mix fluid, grease, etc. of different grades or manufacturers.

Be sure to tighten fasteners including bolts and nuts to the specified torque.

Place shop jacks or rigid racks at the specified points.

Apply grease onto sliding or revolving surfaces before installation.

Before installing O-rings or snap rings, apply sufficient amount of grease to avoid damage and deformation.

Before securing a part in a vise, place cushioning material such as wood blocks, aluminum plate or cloth between the part and the vise.

Before disconnecting electrical connectors, be sure to disconnect the negative terminal from battery.

Preparation tool
1. SPECIAL TOOLILLUSTRATIONTOOL NUMBERDESCRIPTIONREMARKS — (Newly adopted tool)SUBARU SELECT MONITOR 4Used for setting of each function and troubleshooting for electrical system.NOTE:For detailed op ...

1. AT SELECT LEVER(1)Grip ASSY(8)Cushion solenoid(15)Nut(2)Clamp grip pin(9)Solenoid unit (3)Rod COMPL(10)Selector lever COMPLTightening torque: N·m (kgf-m, ft-lb)(4)Cover grip AT(11)Snap pinT ...

Other materials:

1. Remove the rear differential. Rear Differential (T-type) > REMOVAL Rear Differential (VA-type) > REMOVAL2. Remove the rear differential side oil seal using a ST or screwdriver wrapped with vinyl tape to prevent the side retainer from scratching.ST 398527700PULLER ASSY3. Using the ST, install ...

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