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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Caution

1. When replacing the occupant detection system, or removing or disassembling the passenger’s seat, always perform «Rezero» of the occupant detection system after installing a seat in the vehicle. Rezero

2. The occupant detection system (passenger seat only) control module and the occupant detection sensor are fixed to the seat cushion frame. Never remove the occupant detection control module or the occupant detection sensor from the seat cushion frame.

3. Do not replace the seat cushion pad by itself. Always replace the seat cushion pad and frame assembly as a set. The seat cushion pad and cushion frame are adjusted as a set at the time of manufacture. If cushion pads and cushion frames are combined from those of other vehicles or other sets, the occupant detection system may not operate properly.

4. If the seat cushion cover is removed, make sure to replace the hang wire on the seat cushion side with a new wire.

5. Never connect the battery in reverse polarity. Occupant detection system may be destroyed instantly.

6. Do not disconnect the battery terminals while the engine is running. A large counter electromotive force will be generated in the generator, and this voltage may damage electronic parts such as occupant detection control module.

7. Before disconnecting the connectors of each sensor and control module, be sure to turn the ignition switch to OFF and wait for 60 seconds or more. Occupant detection control module may be damaged.

8. Every occupant detection system-related part is a precision part. Do not drop them.


Do not use electrical test equipment on wiring harness and connector circuits of the airbag system.

Be careful not to damage the airbag system wiring harness when servicing the occupant detection system.

Refer to CAUTION in Airbag System when repairing the occupant detection system. General Description > CAUTION

Preparation tool
CAUTION:To measure the voltage and resistance of airbag system and occupant detection system components, be sure to use the specified test harness.1. SPECIAL TOOLILLUSTRATIONTOOL NUMBERDESCRIPTIONREMA ...

Check the battery. Battery Battery ...

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