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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Caution

Before disconnecting connectors of sensors or units, be sure to disconnect the ground cable from battery. When replacing the electrical parts provided with memory functions that store contents specified by a customer, record the memory contents before disconnecting the battery ground cable.

After reassembly, close the rear gate and then connect the battery ground cable. Initialization of the power rear gate auto closer is necessary, when connection is performed with the rear gate open. Power Rear Gate System > PROCEDURE

Preparation tool
TOOL NAMEREMARKSCircuit testerUsed for measuring resistance, voltage and current. ...

Refer to “LOCATION” in the “POWER REAR GATE SYSTEM (DIAGNOSTICS)” section. Electrical Component Location > LOCATION ...

Other materials:

1. Taper roller bearingReplace the taper roller bearing in the following cases.• In case of broken or rusty taper roller bearings• In case of worn or damaged taper roller bearings• When the taper roller bearings fail to turn smoothly or emit noise in rotation after transmission gea ...

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