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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Caution

Refer to “CAUTION” in “General Description” in AIRBAG SYSTEM. General Description > CAUTION

Preparation tool
CAUTION:To measure the voltage and resistance of airbag system component, be sure to use the specified test harness.1. SPECIAL TOOL• SUBARU SELECT MONITORILLUSTRATIONTOOL NUMBERDESCRIPTIONREMARK ...

Check the battery. Battery > INSPECTION Battery > INSPECTION ...

Other materials:

Electrical component location location
1. CONTROL MODULE(1)Engine control module (ECM)(3)Data link connector(5)Delivery (test) mode fuse(2)Fuel pump control module (ECM)(4)Malfunction indicator light • Sedan model• OUTBACK model2. SENSOR(1)Mass air flow and intake air temperature sensor(5)Crankshaft position sensor(8)Exhaust ...

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