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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Chain cover

1. Apply engine oil to camshaft journals, and install the camshaft.2. Install the camshaft cap.(1) Apply liquid gasket sparingly to back side of the front camshaft cap as shown in the figure.NOTE:&bul ...

NOTE:When replacing a single part, perform the work with the engine assembly installed to body.1. When working on the vehicleNOTE:When working on the vehicle, perform the following steps also.(1) Remo ...

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Abs warning light does not go off
DETECTING CONDITION:• Defective combination meter• Defective engine• Defective CAN communicationTROUBLE SYMPTOM:When starting the engine, the ABS warning light is kept on.STEPCHECKYESNO1.READ DTC.Read the DTC. Read Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)Is DTC displayed-Perform the diagnosi ...

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