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Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Entertainment / Check list for interview check

Inspect the following items regarding the vehicle’s state.

Print out this page for interviewing customers.


Check List for Interview

Date of Vehicle Bring-in Year Month Date

Customer’s name

Registration No.

Initial year of registration

Year Month Date

Vehicle model

Frame number



Engine type

Odometer reading

Customer specified content

Product information

Part No.

Manufacturer model number

Serial No.

Software version*1

Connected device (example: iPod connected via USB cable)



Mobile phone

Mobile phone carrier (example: AT&T)

Mobile phone model (example: Apple iPhone 6)

Mobile phone OS version (example: software version information)

Date when problem occurred

Year Month Date

Conditions at event


Fine Cloudy Rainy Snowy Others ( )


°C (°F)

How often

Always (Check here if reproduced.) Once in the past Sometimes ( times a day / times a week / times a month)


Example: It occurs about 30 minutes after driving.

Occurrence condition 1 (In what situations did it occur-)

Fast Driving Rough Roads Parked Unknown Others

Occurrence condition 2 (In what operations did it occur-)

ACC On Insert Disc Press Specific Button or Mode Press Specific Button or Mode Unknown Others

Recovering condition (What helped the status return to normal-)

Recover on its own ACC Off and On Does not recover Others

Occurrence location

Unknown Any Place Driving around open areas like in the country Driving around hills or mountains

Driving around cities with large buildings Driving around residential areas or no large buildings

Driving around areas with power

Error message content (error message displayed)

Display trouble

Black screen White screen Blue screen Dim Vertical/horizontal noise (lines)

Poor color tone Unclear Display corruption No picture Others

Occurrence conditions (screen display related problems)

CD Radio External devices Others ( )

Operating problems

Display does not switch Display changes unexpectedly Response is dull/slow Does not respond to key entry

Does not respond to steering switch entry Does not change to night mode screen Discs cannot be inserted or ejected Others

Display/touch switch malfunction

Brightness / Contrast Discoloration No rear camera Partial Display Lines in screen No Audio Control Screen No Navi Map on Screen Others

Voice recognition malfunction

Voice recognition is not ready Not recognize commands Others

BEEP on operation entry

Present None

Radio malfunction

AM: Station ( Hz) FM: Station ( Hz) SXM: Station ( channel) (only for North America)

HD: Station ( channel) (only for North America) No Sound No / Poor Sound Noise / Static Sound cuts in / out Others

SW color change at operation

Present None

Audio malfunction

Does not sound

Front ( R L) Rear ( R L) Others ( )

Operation related problems

Cannot adjust volume level Cannot use tone control or adjust tone range Cannot record

Sound skipping

CD DVD Others ( )

• Specific mode/disc ( )

CD/USB/SD/iPod malfunction

Will not accept Will not eject (CD) Will not play Skips / Jump Chapter

No Sound Noise / Static Sound cuts in / out Shows Error Others

Bluetooth Audio related malfunction

Will Not Pair Will Not Play No Sound Noise / Static Disconnect on its own Others

Bluetooth handsfree related malfunction

Will Not Pair Cannot Hear (Receiver) Cannot Hear (Caller)

Sounds Garbled Address Book Will Not Transfer Disconnect on its own


Bluetooth connection not established SUBARU STARLINK app disabled

SUBARU STARLINK app disabled Communication gets out of service Pandora disabled MirrorLink disabled AHA disabled USB connection not established Others

Check result


Reproduced Always Sometimes Cannot be reproduced Others


Cold Warm At starting Immediately after starting During warm-up At idling

When start driving While driving At acceleration At deceleration When applying brake

*1: For confirmation procedure, refer to Audio System. Audio System > OPERATION


Refer to “Check List for Interview” in “INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM (DIAGNOSTICS)”. Check List for Interview


Microphone note
The microphone is a single unit with the spot map light.For the operation procedures for spot map light, refer to “LIGHTING SYSTEM” section. Spot Map Light ...

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