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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Check list for interview check

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Eyesight (diagnostics) / Check list for interview check

Inspect the following items regarding the vehicle’s state.


Writer’s name

Inspector’s Name

Vehicle information

Car accessory equipment condition

Car accessory is installed to the windshield glass.


(Position: )



(Accessory’s name: )

Is there any modification for the following items-


Not changed / Changed

(Specifically: )


Not changed / Changed

(Specifically: )

Tire size-

Not changed / Changed

(Specifically: )

Front wiper-

Not changed / Changed

(Specifically: )

How is the condition around camera-

Is there any scratch or damage on the windshield glass-


(Specifically: )

Are antennas, etc. attached on the prohibited area-


(Specifically: )

Is wide mirror or accessory attached-


(Specifically: )

How is the surface condition of the windshield glass-

Presence of oil film, fogging, dirt and/or glass coating


(Specifically: )

How is the condition of the dashboard-

Is there anything that can be easily reflected against the windshield glass on the dashboard-


(Specifically: )

How is the deterioration of the wiper-

Does any streak or uneven wiping area remain in front of the camera-


(Specifically: )

How is the condition of the tire-

Is there any wear-

Is there any excessive wear difference-


(Specifically: )

Is the air pressure proper-


(Specifically: )

How is the condition of the camera lens filter-

Is there finger print adhesion or cracks on the lens filter-


(Specifically: )

Description of malfunction

What kind of malfunction has been detected-

Failure / temporary stop / faulty operation of adaptive cruise control / faulty operation of pre-collision brake / other faulty operations

What kind of DTC and/or cancel code is displayed-

How is the meter display-

EyeSight warning light


Pre-collision brake OFF indicator light


Lane departure warning OFF indicator light


Multi-information display

Halt: camera view defectiveness

Halt: camera temperature range outside


Occurrence conditions

Occurrence date

Occurrence location

Vehicle speed at occurrence

Approx. km/h (MPH)

Occurrence timing

During driving / during stopping / continues after engine has started

Road type

Express way / limited highway / main highway / general road



Road condition

Dry/slippery (Rainy • compacted snow • icy road)

Ambient temperature

Approx. ° C(°F)

Road condition

Asphalt / gravel / earth and sand / other

Position of solar radiation

Described in the detailed chart when the weather is fine.

Road shape

Uphill / downhill / bank / roll / uneven surface

Time elapsed after engine start

Immediately after engine start / within 5 minutes after engine start / more than 5 minutes after engine start

Wiper operation status


Light on status

Off / LO On / HI On

Vehicle weight

Number of passengers: ( ),

Did the vehicle carry heavy load- (No/Yes (Approx. kg))

Detailed chart

(Refer to the example of description.)

In case of malfunction caused by temporary stop or faulty operation, describe the details by referring to the example below so that the following conditions can be recognized. (Images taken with a digital camera, etc. are acceptable.)

Road shape (straight, curve, tunnel, number of lane, etc.)

Road grade and it’s change

Presence of white line, guardrails and/or side wall (degree of clarity)

Position of the sun

Presence and shape of preceding vehicle, oncoming vehicle, vehicle running on the next lane or pedestrian

Presence and shape of surrounding building or structure

Traveled course of own vehicle and preceding vehicle

Basic diagnostic procedure procedure
CAUTION:• Start the diagnosis after the engine has started. (Cruise control main switch does not turn on even if it is pressed before the engine starts.)• When performing diagnosis, observ ...

Clear active lane keep system learning value operation
1. On «Start» display, select «Diagnosis».2. On «Vehicle selection» display, input the target vehicle information and select «Confirmed».3. On «Main Menu» display, select «Each System».4. ...

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