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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Checking the clutch function

Check the clutch engagement and disengagement.

  1.  With the engine idling, check that there are no abnormal noises when the clutch pedal is depressed, and that shifting into 1st or reverse feels smooth.
  2.  Start the vehicle by releasing the pedal slowly to check that the engine and transmission smoothly couple without any sign of slippage.
Clutch pedal (MT models)
Check the clutch pedal free play according to the maintenance schedule in the "Warranty and Maintenance Booklet". ...

Checking the clutch pedal free play
1) 0.19 - 0.44 in (5 - 11 mm) Lightly press the clutch pedal down with your finger until you feel resistance, and check the free play. If the free play is not within proper specification, c ...

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Electrical specification
1. SRF CMTerminal No.ContentMeasuring conditionStandard1 ←> Chassis groundBattery power supply (right)Always8 — 16 V2 ←> Chassis ground — — — 3 ←> Chassis groundFog light output (right)Fog light switch ON8 — 16 V4 ←> Chassis ground — — — 5 ←> Chassis grou ...

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