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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Climate control mode indicators

Models with manual climate control system
Models with manual climate control system

  1.  Maximum air conditioner ON indicator
  2.  Air conditioner ON indicator
  3.  Airflow mode indicator
  4.  Air inlet selection ON indicator

Models with automatic climate control system
Models with automatic climate control system

  1.  Set temperature indicator (driver's side)
  2.  Set temperature indicator (front passenger's side)
  3.  Maximum air conditioner ON indicator
  4. Air conditioner ON indicator
  5.  FULL AUTO indicator
  6.  Airflow mode indicator 7) Fan speed indicator
NOTE Your SUBARU dealer can change the settings of activating/deactivating the automatic adjustment of the clock by the GPS (Global Positioning System) (for models with the genuine SUBARU navi ...

Outside temperature indicator
U.S. spec. models  Except U.S. spec. models The outside temperature indicator shows the outside temperature in a range from −22 to 1228F (−30 to 508C). The indicator can give ...

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