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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Clock


NOTE Your SUBARU dealer can change the settings of activating/deactivating the automatic adjustment of the clock by the GPS (Global Positioning System) (for models with the genuine SUBARU navigation system). While the automatic adjustment is activated, you cannot adjust the time shown on the clock manually. If you press the "+" button or "-" button, the "---" indication will be displayed to inform you that you cannot adjust it manually. Contact your SUBARU dealer for details.


The clock shows the time while the ignition switch is in the "ACC" or "ON" position.

To adjust the time shown by the clock, press the "+" button or the "−" button. If you press the "+" button, the indicated time will change in one-minute increments.

If you press the "−" button, the indicated time will change in one-minute decrements. If you keep the button pressed, the rate at which the indicated time changes will speed up.

The clock can be set to 12-hour or 24-hour clock displays. Perform the following procedure to switch the display format.

  1.  Place the ignition switch in the "LOCK"/"OFF" position.
  2.  Press and hold the "−" button that is located near the clock display for approximately 5 seconds. The clock display will then start to flash.
  3.  While the clock display is flashing, press and hold the "+" button for approximately 2 seconds. The clock format will then change.
  4.  The clock display will continue to flash for approximately 3 seconds to inform you that the clock display has been changed.

If you want to change the clock display again, press and hold the "+" button for approximately 2 seconds while the clock display is flashing.

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