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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Clutch disc and cover

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Clutch system / Clutch disc and cover

General diagnostic table inspection
1. CLUTCHSymptomsPossible causeCorrective action1. Clutch slippageIt is hard to perceive clutch slippage in the early stage, but pay attention to the following symptoms.• Engine temporarily spee ...

1. Remove the transmission assembly from the vehicle. Manual Transmission Assembly > REMOVAL2. Attach the ST on the flywheel.ST 499747100CLUTCH DISC GUIDE(A)Clutch cover3. Remove the clutch cover ...

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1. Before installation, check the following items.• Cable is free from deformation such as fray.• Grease is applied sufficiently to cable joints.If grease is insufficient, add it as necessary before assembling the cable.2. Install the removed parts to the trim panel - door.3. Install the ...

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