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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Clutch fluid

1. Insert the ST into the clutch disc and insert the ST end into the pilot bearing.NOTE:When installing the clutch disc, be careful to attach in the correct direction.ST 499747100CLUTCH DISC GUIDE( ...

CAUTION:• Be careful not to spill the brake fluid. Brake fluid spilled on the vehicle body will harm the paint surface; wash it off with water and wipe clean quickly if spilled.• Use new F ...

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Dtc c1422 vdc interruption for engine convenience
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:A fault is detected if engine control prohibition flag from ECM is received.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:• VDC does not operate.• Hill hold does not function.NOTE:The warning light goes off if the engine control prohibition flag from ECM returns normally.STEPCHECKYESNO1.CHECK ...

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