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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Clutch pedal

CAUTION:Be careful not to spill the brake fluid. Brake fluid spilled on the vehicle body will harm the paint surface; wash it off with water and wipe clean quickly if spilled.1. Park the vehicle on a ...

CAUTION:Before handling the airbag system components, refer to “CAUTION” of “General Description” in “AIRBAG SYSTEM”. General Description > CAUTION1. Turn the igni ...

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Dtc c2546 eyesight value
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:When the steering support indication value from stereo camera is out of range after the ignition switch is ON.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:EyeSight steering support function does not operate.STEPCHECKYESNO1.CHECK POOR CONTACT OF CONNECTOR.Is there poor contact of the stereo camera connect ...

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