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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Combination meter note

For the operation procedures for combination meter, refer to “INSTRUMENTATION/DRIVER INFO” section. Combination Meter

Clutch switch note
For the operation procedures for clutch switch, refer to “CLUTCH SYSTEM” section. Clutch Switch ...

Cruise control module note
The control of cruise control system is carried out in engine control module (ECM). For operation procedures, refer to “FUEL INJECTION (FUEL SYSTEMS)” section.• H4 model: Engine Con ...

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1. CHECK REFRIGERANT GAS PRESSURE1. Prepare the vehicle.NOTE:Check that the ambient temperature is 25 — 40°C (77 — 104°F) and that the humidity is 30% — 80%.• Place the vehicle in the shade and windless condition, and open the front hood.• Open the front windows and c ...

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