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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Components


  1. SRS frontal airbag
  2.  SRS side airbag
  3.  SRS curtain airbag
  4.  SRS seat cushion airbag

The SRS airbags are stowed in the following locations.

Driver's SRS frontal airbag: in the center portion of the steering wheel Front passenger's SRS frontal airbag: near the top of the dashboard under an "SRS AIRBAG" mark SRS side airbag: in the trim cover on the door side of each front seat cushion that bears an "SRS AIRBAG" mark SRS curtain airbag: in the roof side (between the front pillar and a point over the rear seat) An "SRS AIRBAG" mark is located at the top of each center pillar.

SRS seat cushion airbag: in the center console side of the front seat cushion that bears an "SRS AIRBAG" label


  1. Front sub sensor (right-hand side)
  2.  Front sub sensor (left-hand side)
  3.  Frontal airbag module (driver's side)
  4.  Front passenger's frontal airbag ON and OFF indicator
  5.  SRS airbag system warning light
  6.  Frontal airbag module (front passenger's side)
  7.  Airbag control module (including impact sensor and rollover sensor)


  1. Curtain airbag sensor (rear wheel house left-hand side)
  2.  Curtain airbag module (left-hand side)
  3.  Front door impact sensor (left-hand side)
  4.  Seat cushion airbag module (driver' s side)
  5.  Curtain airbag module (right-hand side)
  6.  Seat cushion airbag module (front passenger's side)
  7.  Side airbag sensor (center pillar left-hand side)
  8.  Seatbelt pretensioner (left-hand side)
  9.  Side airbag module (left-hand side)
  10.  Seatbelt buckle switch (left-hand side)
  11.  Seatbelt buckle switch (right-hand side)
  12.  Curtain airbag sensor (rear wheel house right-hand side)
  13.  Side airbag module (right-hand side)
  14.  Seatbelt pretensioner (right-hand side)
  15.  Side airbag sensor (center pillar righthand side)
  16.  Front passenger's occupant detection system sensor and control module
  17.  Front door impact sensor (right-hand side)
  18.  Front passenger's seatbelt tension sensor
General precautions regarding SRS airbag system
WARNING  To obtain maximum protection in the event of an accident, the driver and all passengers must always wear seatbelts when in the vehicle. The SRS airbag is d ...

SUBARU advanced frontal airbag system, SRS seat cushion airbag, SRS side airbag and SRS curtain airbag
Your vehicle is equipped with a SUBARU advanced frontal airbag system that complies with the new advanced frontal airbag requirements in the amended Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) ...

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