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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Connecting a smartphone

If you connect a smartphone to this system after starting a supported aha application on the smartphone, you can display and operate the aha application displayed on the smartphone on the system screen.

  1.  Run the aha application on your smartphone.
  2.  Connect the iPhone/iPod touch to the USB port or connect the Android device by utilizing the Bluetooth connection (SPP and A2DP profile).
  •  For details about connecting an iPhone/iPod touch: Refer to "Connecting and disconnecting a USB memory/ portable device" .
  •  For details about registering or connecting an Android device: Refer to "Registering/connecting Bluetooth device" .

NOTE When iPhone/iPod touch and Android devices are connected at the same time, iPhone/iPod touch is prioritized.

How to change the source

  •  Select the "aha" key on the source select screen. Refer to "Basic operation" .
  •  Select the "aha" key on the APPS screen. Refer to "SUBARU STARLINK" .

NOTE When starting-up "aha", there are some smartphone models for which "aha" application does not start up automatically

Before using aha application
In order to use the aha application on this system, the application must be installed on the smartphone. Settings required to use aha application  Search and download the aha application ...

Using aha application
When the top screen is displayed, touch the station key. Example of the main screen  Select the desired station from the list. The selected station is displayed. NOTE ...

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