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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Connecting a smartphone

Connect the iPhone/iPod touch to the USB port or connect the Android device by using Bluetooth connection (SPP and A2DP profile).

  •  For details about connecting an iPhone/iPod touch: Refer to "Connecting and disconnecting a USB memory/portable device" .
  •  For details about registering or connecting an Android device: Refer to "Registering/connecting Bluetooth device" .

How to change the source

The Pandora operation screen can be reached by the following methods:

  •  Connecting a Pandora device. Refer to "Connecting a Bluetooth device"  or "Connecting and disconnecting a USB memory/portable device" .
  •  Select the "Pandora" key on the source select screen. Refer to "Selecting an audio source" .
  •  Select the "Pandora" key on the APPS screen. Refer to "SUBARU STARLINK" .

NOTE When starting-up Pandora, there are some smartphone models for which Pandora application does not start up automatically.

Registering Bookmarks

You can register the music and artist now being played in Bookmark.

  1.  Touch the tab.
  2.  Select the desired key. The following items are appeared on the screen.



Track When selected after the Bookmark key is pressed, the current track is bookmarked.
Artist When selected after the Bookmark key is pressed, the current artist is bookmarked.
Cancel Select to cancel the bookmark operation.
Control screen and audio panel
No. Function 1 Select to display the audio source selection screen 2 Select to open the station list. Refer to "Station list" . 3 Select ...

Station list
You can select, add or delete a station. When the tab is touched on the main screen, a station list will be displayed. No. Function 1 Select to sort the list in ...

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