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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Connecting a trailer

  1. Remove the receiver cover from the hitch receiver tube. Then insert the ball mount into the hitch receiver tube.

Connecting a trailer

  1. Insert the hitch pin into the hole located on the hitch receiver tube so that the pin passes through the ball mount.

Connecting a trailer

  1. Insert the safety pin through the provided hole on the hitch pin securely.
  2.  Check the ball mount assembly by pulling on it to make sure it does not come off the hitch receiver.

Connecting a trailer

1) Hitch ball installation point
2) Hooks for safety chains

  1. Use only a hitch ball that is appropriate for the ball mount and your trailer. The hitch ball must be securely installed on the ball mount.
  2.  Connect your trailer to the hitch ball.
  3.  Connect the trailer and the hitch with safety chains that will hold the trailer's maximum gross weight. The chains should cross under the trailer tongue to prevent the tongue from dropping onto the ground in case it should disconnect from the hitch ball. Allow sufficient slack in the chains taking tight turn situations into account; however, be careful not to let them drag on the ground.
WARNING Do not connect safety chains to any part of the vehicle other than the safety chain hooks.

Hitch harness connector
Hitch harness connector

  1.  Connect the hitch wire harness's black four-pin wire connector to the towing trailer's wire harness.
  2. Confirm proper function of the hitch wire harness by individually activating the brake, stop and turn signal lights on the trailer.

NOTE Always disconnect the trailer wire harness before launching or retrieving a watercraft.

Trailer hitch (Outback - if equipped)
WARNING  Never exceed the maximum weight specified for the trailer hitch. Exceeding the maximum weight could cause an accident resulting in serious personal injuries. ...

If not towing a trailer
Remove the ball mount from the hitch receiver tube and insert the receiver cover onto the hitch receiver tube.  Place the dust cap over the four-pin connector of the hitch wire harness ...

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