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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Continuously variable transmission(tr690)

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Continuously variable transmission(tr690)

NOTE:Refer to “X Mode Switch” for installation of the X mode switch. X MODE Switch > INSTALLATION ...

Diagnostics with phenomenon inspection
SymptomsFaulty partsStall speed is low after warming-up, with select lever in “D” or “R” range.Engine control systemVehicle does not move despite engine speed rising up, with s ...

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1. Place alignment marks on the shaft and outer race.2. Remove the PTJ boot band and boot.CAUTION:Be careful not to damage the boot.3. Remove the snap ring from PTJ outer race.4. Remove the PTJ outer race from shaft assembly.5. Wipe off grease.CAUTION:The grease is a special type of grease. Do not m ...

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