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Control screen and audio panel



1 Select to display the audio source selection screen
2 Select to change the band.
3 The HD Radio indicator on the top right of the screen changes according to the reception condition of HD Radio (if equipped).
4 Select to display a station list (if equipped). Refer to "Selecting a station from the list" .
5 Select to scan radio channels.

This function enables searching for receivable stations automatically, and tunes in to a frequency for 5 seconds if a station is found. When the 5-second period has elapsed, the system searches for the next receivable station again, and tunes in to the frequency for 5 seconds.

6 Select to open the "Option" screen.

Refer to "Radio settings" .

7 When you touch a key, the system tunes to the stored frequency.

When you touch and hold a key, the system stores the frequency to the selected preset channel. Refer to "Presetting a station"

8 Turn to adjust volume.

Press to turn the audio system on/ off.

9 Turn to step up/down frequencies.

Turn to move up/down the list. Also, the knob can be used to enter selections on the list screens by pressing.

Press to select an audio mode. For details, refer to "Selecting an audio source" .

10 Press to display the sound setting screen. Refer to "Unit settings"  19.
11 Press to seek for a station/channel.

Press and hold for continuous seek


  •  Although FM is normally static free, reception can be affected by the surrounding area, atmospheric conditions, station strength and transmitter distance.

    Buildings or other obstructions may cause momentary static, flutter or station interference. If reception continues to be unsatisfactory, switch to a stronger station.

  •  The radio automatically changes to stereo reception when a stereo broadcast is received.
  • The radio automatically blends to an HD Radio signal (if equipped) in AM or FM where available

How to change the source

Select the "AM" or "FM" key on the source select screen. Refer to "Selecting an audio source" .

Presetting a station

In total 18 stations can be set for the FM band (6 each for FM1, FM2 and FM3) and 12 stations can be set for the AM band (6 each for AM1 and AM2).

  1.  Tune in the desired station.
  2.  If you touch and hold a key, the system stores the frequency to the selected preset channel.

Presetting a station

AM/FM radio

Selecting a station from the list (if equipped)
A station list can be displayed.  Touch the   tab Touch the tab and the station list will appear.  Select the desired station. Update the station list Touch th ...

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