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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Control screen and audio panel

Control screen
Control screen



1 Perform the SXM setting. See below.

Refer to "SXM setting"

2 Search for a channel which the direction of higher frequency from current frequency. Reproduce the channel that can receive by 5 seconds.
3 A list is displayed. There are three types of lists ("Presets", "Categories" or "All Channels") are available.
  •  "Presets": Preset channels are displayed in a list.
  •  "Categories": The channels of the selected category are displayed in a list.
  •  "All Channels": All selectable channels are displayed in a list.
4 Display the contents information of a channel receiving
5 Presets list (30 channels max.) is displayed. Refer to "Presetting a channel" .
6 Categories list is displayed. Refer to "Selecting a channel from the list" .
7 All channels list is displayed.

The available received channels are displayed, and you can select a channel.

8 Change to the Direct Tune display.

Refer to "Direct Tune"

9 Return to the previous display
10 Return to the playback display.

Audio panel
Audio panel



1 Turn to adjust volume.

Press to turn the audio system on/ off.

2 Press to display the sound setting screen. Refer to "Unit settings"  19.
3 Turn right to step up channels and turn left to step down channels.

Press to select an audio source.

Refer to "Selecting an audio source" .

4 Press to step up/down channels.

Press and hold to step up/down channels fast.

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