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Control screen and audio panel



1 Select to display the audio source selection screen
2 Select to open the station list. Refer to "Station list" .
3 Select to skip the current track.
4 The track pauses when touched during playback and plays when touched during pause
5 Select to set thumbs up.

This gives a high rating to the current song.

All other similar songs will be played back more frequently.

6 Select to set thumbs down.

This gives a low rating to the current song.

All other similar songs will be played back less frequently.

When you select thumbs down, the current track is skipped

7 During playback of a station, you can use this key to bookmark a song or artist. Refer to "Registering Bookmarks"
8 Turn to adjust volume.

Press to turn the audio system on/off

9 Turn clockwise to skip to the next track.

Press to select an audio source. Refer to "Selecting an audio source"

10 Press to display the sound setting screen. Refer to "Unit settings" .
11 Press to skip to the next track/cover art
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