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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Control unit note

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Eyesight / Control unit note

System control of the EyeSight is performed by each module. For procedure, refer to the following sections.

Engine control module (ECM)

H4 model: Engine Control Module (ECM)

H6 model: Engine Control Module (ECM)

Transmission control module (TCM)

H4 model: Transmission Control Module (TCM)

H6 model: Transmission Control Module (TCM)

VDC control module (VDC CM): VDC Control Module and Hydraulic Control Unit (VDCCM&H/U)

Power steering control module: Power Steering Control Module

Stereo camera: Stereo Camera

Combination meter note
For the operation procedures for combination meter, refer to “INSTRUMENTATION/DRIVER INFO” section. Combination Meter ...

Diagnostics with phenomenon inspection
Refer to “Diagnostics with Phenomenon” of “EyeSight (DIAGNOSTICS)” section. Diagnostics with Phenomenon ...

Other materials:

1. Install the glass - front door partition.2. Install the running channel - front door and the sash assembly - partition.CAUTION:Check that the running channel - front door is securely fixed to the panel assembly - front door and to the sash assembly - partition.Tightening torque:Refer to “CO ...

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