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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Corrosion protection

Your SUBARU has been designed and built to resist corrosion. Special materials and protective finishes have been used on most parts of the vehicle to help maintain fine appearance, strength, and reliable operation.

Cleaning aluminum wheels
Promptly wipe the aluminum wheels clean of any kind of grime or agent. If dirt is left on too long, it may be difficult to clean off.  Do not use soap containing grit to clean the wh ...

Most common causes of corrosion
The most common causes of corrosion are:  The accumulation of moisture retaining dirt and debris in body panel sections, cavities, and other areas.  Damage to paint and other prot ...

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Dtc b2906 front fog light circuit rh
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:Front fog light (RH) malfunction signal line error is detected.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:Warning will be displayed for front fog light malfunction, SRF malfunction.CAUTION:Initialization is required after replacing the SRF CM.(Initialization is not required for models without auto head ...

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