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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Cup holder

CAUTION Take care to avoid spills. Beverages, if hot, might burn you and/or your passengers. Spilled beverages may also damage upholstery, carpets or audio equipment.
CAUTION Do not use the pocket as an ashtray or leave a lighted cigarette in the pocket. This could cause a fire. To use the pocket, push on the lid lightly and it will automat ...

Front passenger's cup holder
CAUTION  Do not pick up a cup from the cup holder or put a cup in the holder while you are driving, as this may distract you and lead to an accident.  Take car ...

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Airbag connector procedure
1. POWER SUPPLY1. How to disconnect:CAUTION:When pulling the slide lock or disconnecting connector, be sure to hold the connector, not the harness.(1) Pull the slide lock (a) in the direction of arrow.(2) With the slide lock pulled, disconnect the connector.2. How to connect:CAUTION:Be sure to inser ...

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