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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Cvtf

1. Remove the transmission hanger and transmission radio ground cord, if mounted.2. Remove the filler plug, oil drain plug and overflow drain plug. Differential Gear Oil > REPLACEMENT3. Remove all pl ...

Condition check
NOTE:When replacing CVTF, determine the condition inside the transmission body by inspecting the drained CVTF.Fluid conditionTrouble and possible causeCorrective actionMetal particles.Excessive wear o ...

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1. NORMAL MIRROR TYPECAUTION:Be careful not to damage the mirror surface and windshield glass.1. Remove the TORX® bolt, and slide the mirror assembly - inner rearview to remove.Preparation tool:TORX® T202. If the mirror mounting is damaged, replace the windshield glass.2. HOME LINK TYPECAUTION:Be ...

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