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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Daytime running light system

WARNING The brightness of the illumination of the high beam headlights is reduced by the daytime running light system.

The light switch must always be turned to the " " position when it is dark outside.

The high beam headlights will automatically illuminate at reduced brightness when the engine has started, under the following conditions.

  •  The parking brake is fully released.
  •  The light switch is in the off or " " position.
  •  The light switch is in the "AUTO" position and the headlights do not turn on automatically.
  •  The select lever is in a position other than the "P" position (CVT models).


  •  When the light switch is in the " " position, the front side marker lights, tail lights and license plate lights are illuminated.
  •  While the turn signal is flashing, the high beam headlight on the side which the turn signal is flashing turns off.
  • While the hazard warning flasher is on, the high beam headlights turn off
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