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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Defrosting

Select the desired " " mode or " " mode to defrost or dehumidify the windshield and front door windows by performing the following procedures.

  •  To select the " " mode, press the defroster button.
  •  To select the " " mode, press the airflow mode selection button and select the " " mode.


  •  When the " " mode or " " mode is selected, the air conditioner compressor automatically operates to more quickly defog the windshield. (The air conditioner indicator light does not illuminate in this case.) At the same time, the air inlet selection is automatically set to the outside air mode. For details, refer to "Airflow mode selection" .
  •  If the defroster button is pressed while the " " mode is selected, it will return to the previous mode before selecting the " " mode.
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