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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Deleting the contact data

You can delete the phonebook data stored in the audio set.

  1.  Display the "PHONE" screen. Refer to "How to change the hands-free phone system" .
  2.  Touch the "Contacts" key, and then select the "Delete All" key.
  3.  Select the "OK" key when the confirmation screen appears.


  •  Manual transfer operation cannot be performed while driving.
  •  If your cell phone is neither PBAP nor OPP compatible, the contacts cannot be transferred.
  •  Depending on the type of Bluetooth phone:
  •  It may be necessary to perform additional steps on the phone when transferring contact data.
Update contacts from phone
Operation methods differ between PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile) compatible and PBAP incompatible but OPP (Object Push Profile) compatible Bluetooth phones.  Display the "PHONE" screen. ...

Voice command system
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