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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Diagnostic procedure with diagnostic trouble code (dtc)

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Blind spot detection rear cross traffic alert (diagnostics) / Diagnostic procedure with diagnostic trouble code (dtc)

Wiring diagram
Refer to “BSD/RCTA System” in the wiring diagram. Blind Spot Detection/Rear Cross Traffic Alert > WIRING DIAGRAM ...

Dtc u0073 control module communication bus off
Detected when CAN line abnormality is detected.NOTE:Perform the diagnosis for LAN system. Basic Diagnostic Procedure > PROCEDURE ...

Other materials:

1. Attach the needle bearing and oil seal to the front of the main shaft assembly.NOTE:• Wrap the clutch splined section with vinyl tape to prevent damage to the oil seal.• Apply NICHIMOLY N-130 or the equivalent to the lip of the oil seal.• Use a new oil seal.2. Rotate the reverse ...

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