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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Diagnostics with phenomenon inspection

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Cruise control system / Diagnostics with phenomenon inspection

Refer to “Diagnostics with Phenomenon” of “CRUISE CONTROL SYSTEM (DIAGNOSTICS)” section. Diagnostics with Phenomenon

Cruise control module note
The control of cruise control system is carried out in engine control module (ECM). For operation procedures, refer to “FUEL INJECTION (FUEL SYSTEMS)” section.• H4 model: Engine Con ...

Inhibitor switch note
For the operation procedures for inhibitor switch, refer to “CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE TRANSMISSION” section.• H4 model: Inhibitor Switch• H6 model: Inhibitor Switch ...

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Engine lubrication system trouble in general inspection
Before performing diagnostics, make sure that the engine oil level is correct and no oil leakage exists.TroublePossible causeCorrective actionWarning light remains ON.a. Oil pressure switch failure Cracked diaphragm or oil leakage within switchReplace. Broken spring or seized contactsReplace.b ...

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