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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Disassembly

1. Disconnect the clutch pipe from the master cylinder.

2. Remove the clutch damper mounting nut from the pedal assembly, and disconnect the clutch pipe from the clamp.

3. Remove the clutch switches.

4. Remove the clip and pull out the clevis pin.


Clevis pin



5. Disconnect the connector from the clutch stroke sensor, and then remove the sensor harness.

6. Remove the master cylinder from the pedal assembly.


The clutch stroke sensor cannot be disassembled.


Secure the push rod with a tape etc. to prevent it from falling off.


Master cylinder

7. Remove the torsion spring and assist bushing from the pedal assembly.


Torsion spring


Assist bushing

8. Remove the clutch pedal from the pedal bracket.


Clutch pedal

9. Remove the bushing, spacer, bushing A, clutch pedal stopper, torsion spring bushing and clutch pedal pad from the clutch pedal.






Bushing A


Clutch pedal stopper


Torsion spring bushing


Clutch pedal pad


Clutch pedal

1. CLUTCH PEDALMove the clutch pedal in the lateral direction with a force of approximately 10 N (1 kgf, 2 lbf) to check that the clutch pedal deflection is within the service limit.CAUTION:If it exce ...

1. Clean the holes in the sliding surface between the clutch pedal and bushing, and apply grease.2. Attach the clutch pedal pad, clutch pedal stopper, bushing A, torsion spring bushing, spacer and bus ...

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