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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Disassembly


1. Remove the taper roller bearing using the ST.

ST1 498077000REMOVER
ST2 899864100REMOVER
ST3 398497701SEAT

2. Remove the hypoid driven gear mounting bolt using the ST.

ST 18270KA020SOCKET (E20)

3. Remove the differential case (LH).

4. Remove the differential bevel gear and washer.

5. Remove the straight pin.

6. Remove the pinion shaft, then remove the differential bevel gear, washer and differential bevel pinion.


Pinion shaft


Differential bevel gear


Differential bevel pinion



After adjusting the drive pinion backlash and tooth contact, replace the oil seal and O-ring with new parts.

1. Remove the O-rings.

2. Remove the oil seal.

• Check each component for scratches, damage or other faults.• Using the ST, check the backlash of pinion gear.ST1 498247001MAGNET BASEST2 498247100DIAL GAUGESpecification:0.13 — 0 ...

1. DIFFERENTIAL CASE ASSEMBLY1. Install the washer and differential bevel gear into the differential case (RH).2. Install the differential bevel pinions into differential case (RH) and install the pin ...

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